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by - Friday, September 09, 2016

Hello Septembrrr! Oh, how I love September! It's still a little bit warm but typhoons are starting to come in and out of the country, I'm expecting it'll be a little cooler come mid-September. Hello AUTUMN!

Anyhoo, I didn't totally abandon the blog. I've just been extremely busy these past few weeks. I work two jobs and I only have a single day to rest from all of these, so I usually spend my rest day sleeping or watching tv series I've missed.

Little by little, I'm trying to squeeze in bits of my personal life in this blog. I hope it don't bother you so much haha

I usually do not have new year's resolutions but I do try my best to come up with something challenging or a mantra to follow for at least, you know, every month, until it becomes a habit.

Last June, I told myself "Conquer your fears! Do what scares you the most." And I think I did, I believe little by little I'm becoming more positive when it comes to facing life challenges. Recently, I added another challenge to my daily life in which I told myself "You got to win everyday at life!" I learned this from people whom I truly admire (online).

Different strokes for different folks but it all boils down to the idea that 'whatever you may be facing today, do it with all your heart and finish it!' (well, something like that haha) don't you want to sleep today knowing that you've been productive? That you've made someone happy? That you've actually made an impact to the world? That you've actually made a difference? Now, go figure.

So as part of my 'winning in life', I also included daily goals, week goals, month goals and the list goes on. Having long term goals is important! You can actually skip this part if you find it fussy but as for me, I do it step by step.

Like for example, I really try my best to have at least 8 hours of sleep while still being able to do the things I do with my family and friends. The first weeks of working got me super tired so there were times when I just went online to answer messages then sleep without eating. It actually took a toll on me. I was absent for work for a day and was rushed to the nearby hospital.

For long-term goal, I promised myself to give time to my self-studying while waiting for the right time to go back to school. Everything that's happening to my life right now is going according to plan--2 jobs, 1 rest day (that should be used for my Japanese schooling)--except my body won't cooperate!

So to make the most of the time, I decided to personally buy the books needed for my Japanese language studying and do it myself! And whoa, the books made me broke ha! But I'm extremely happy.

I've always love studying things alone so this stuff isn't totally new to me. I think it's one of the great things to do by yourself: 'to learn things by yourself'. I have so, so many (productive) plans for this year and the coming HELP ME GOD.

Saturday night market I dropped by last month. Look at those cute little kids wearing Yukata.

My AUGUST in bullets:
• I now have train station IC CARD. Meaning I travel around, back and forth from our station to my destination (and stations in between) for almost half (or even more) of what I should be paying. Yay!
• I'm playing Pokemon Go and I'm already on my 9th level. I can't say I'm hooked though I try to make time to always check Poke Stops around me whenever I can haha
• Still hooked to SUITS. I'm trying to keep up with the episodes of Mr. Robot S2 but l noticed that I can't go on with the pace already so I might just watch the whole series after the season's done.

Thank you for reading! I'm also preparing another makeup review. The photos are done, I just need to draft the review itself. :)


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