Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong Ocean Park

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

While organizing my blog tags, I realized that while I was able to share about our stay in Macau, I totally forgot to tell you guys about our tour in Hong Kong. So now I'm trying to keep up with my travel posts and thought of sharing some memories, tips, and whatnots.

Hong Kong International Airport

We rode a double-decker bus on our way to our budget hostel. Here's the view from the 2nd floor.

The place we stayed at can be found right at the heart of Nathan Road, Kowloon. Such a busy and lively area, you have no idea!

Hongkong shopping wouldn't be complete without dropping by Sasa! Sasa is like Watsons of Manila except they have way moooore skincare and makeup items. (Check my post about winning from an online giveaway courtesy of Sasa. Thanks, Sasa!)

After we checked in our hotel, we quickly left for lunch and went to Hongkong-Macau Ferry Terminal. Check my Macau travel here! One whole day was spent with relatives and friends in Macau.

The next day, we rode the ferry back to Hongkong. Hello Hong kong Ocean Park!

Giant Panda Adventure attraction features the famous pandas Ying ying and Le le. Here I only have photos of Le le, I think, since the other panda is out of sight (it was probably sleeping haha).

MUST CHECK NEARBY: Panda Cafe (features panda-shaped Asian food) and Panda Kingdom Shop (which sells shirts, keychains, toys --best for souvenirs!)

Of course, Hong Kong Ocean Park tour wouldn't be complete without riding the cable car!

More photos in Ocean Park

Come evening, we then rode a bus going to The Peak or also known as Victoria Peak. It is a nice place with a very nice view of urban Hong kong. I should have stayed longer and taken some photos but it was winter when we went there. We were at the 'top' so it was even more colder. So I decided to just stay inside a coffee shop while some of my family members were enjoying the view outside.

At long last, we went to, of course, Hong Kong Disneyland the very next morning.

Find Hidden Mickeys

People waiting for the parade to start

TIP! Always, always bring either an extra point-and-shoot camera or an extra battery if you plan to travel for a whole day. We went to different rides and attractions but my battery died on me so I was only able to use my ipod touch 4th gen which resulted to crappy photos. Here, I'm showing you guys photos taken using a decent camera before the battery ran out.

(ipod photo = crappy)

Our last day in Hong Kong was carefully spent buying souvenirs (mostly keychains haha) for friends and relatives. On some nights, we also went to Night Market to score random cute items since the place is just near the hotel we stayed at.

Some extra time were also spent window shopping and meeting kababayans (we don't personally know) then eating at their mini stalls/eatery. I REALLY LOVE HONG KONG, SOBRA!

Tips Ahoy!
• It was my first time riding Cebu Pacific for international flights (since I always ride PAL/Thai) so I was surprised that they don't actually serve food. It wasn't a long flight at all but the 2 and a half hours flight made me hungry. I suggest bringing in some biscuits or bread you can snack on if you don't want to spend money on the food they're selling. I think a piece of bread will cost P50-100. I dunno but the prices were over the top.

• I dunno about you but my travel-addict Aunt and family members (I'm not big on traveling really, since I easily get tired and I still have my motion sickness) usually buy/exchange money beforehand instead of doing it in the destination country's airport. I think that way the exchange rate is much more favorable.

• Travel during December-February if you want to experience Winter but be sure to stock up on warm and thick Winter clothes. This could be a problem for your baggage allowance though, so work on your style and layer!

• We usually dined in fast food joints and munched on street food while in Hong Kong. If you're not big on trying new restaurants and Asian delights then doing this will save you a good amount of money (for shopping!)

• The Power/Electrical outlets in Hong Kong is completely different from that of Manila and Japan. The ones in Hong Kong usually have 3 holes (some round, some rectangular). When we went there (we are 10-15 persons in the family) only my uncle has brought a travel plug adapter with him and only 1-2 adapters were lent to us by the budget hotel. So just imagine how we used these adapters just so we can charge our phones, cameras, and laptops. That was also the reason why I only had very limited time charging my camera back then.
LESSON? Go buy a travel plug adapter!


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