HAUL: October 2016 + FREEBIES!

by - Thursday, November 03, 2016

Hello internet! (^。^)

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been very busy 'adult-ing' that I literally have no energy to do other things (other than to rest) as I usually get sick these past few days due to the changing temperature. Autumn feels like Summer on some days then it would feel like Winter the next day. What I hate the most is when a morning feels like a normal Autumn day then abruptly the temperature will drop as low as 9 degrees come 5PM and you only got 2 layers of clothing and thin shoes to cover yourself from the intense cold.

Anyway, I'm totes happy today I thought of giving away some freebies (digital designs/photographs) plus I'm squeezing in a haul post too.

2 Affordable Long Necklaces
I recently found a shop that sells random but totes affordable goodies both from Korea and Japan. I've always been a fan of matinee and opera-length necklaces that could go as far as my chest area. I know it's the 'choker era' but I always find matinee necklaces classy and hard-to-find (at least in Manila). You have to buy them online, in bazaars or have them customized. Also, most of them are multi-layered, chunky, and beaded which I'm not a fan of.

Image via Uniqlo Japan

Image via Honeys Japan (online store)
In Japan, however, long classy necklaces have always been the norm. A working Japanese lady's ootd wouldn't be complete without a long gold necklace to finish the look! And I love it!

Cellphone Case & Accessories
You know, just a random slim case (it was on 50% OFF SALE so why not, kidding!) and a cat-shaped ring for added support. Plus it's gold and I. Freaking. Love. Gold. Right?

Makeup and Tools
(Canmake Volume Curl Mascara, Paddle Brush, Matomage Hair Wax, Tony Moly Lip Tint, Canmake Color Stick)

Okay, would you believe that all of these down below are impulsive buys? Yes, impulsive. Buys. I was only going out to buy a pair of shoes at H&M. The shoes actually looked great online but upon seeing the actual shoes in the store, I felt like it doesn't worth the penny. The fabric is just too dust-prone and it doesn't seem sturdy at all. So I didn't get 'em.

Anyhoo, if you remember, my room's motif is White and Gold (with a hint of black/brown). There I remember buying some GOLD stuff. I have seen these gold pencils way back and I promised myself to buy 'em. And so I did! You probably know what happened next: I bought other gold things I could find! Haha

It wasn't so easy to find these things all at once. Each of them came from different stores I checked and researched a while back so I'm reaaaally happy I got 'em now.


NOTE: Feel free to use the 4 photos above for your blog, Instagram, and other social media accounts. You may also crop, change orientation, and add text/filters/overlays but please do not alter or manipulate the photo. © Credit is not required - BUT highly appreciated. My only request is that you don't claim these photos as yours and/or make profit out of them. Thanks! :)

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