New Year in Japan

by - Friday, January 06, 2017

Well, exactly just a day after new year's day, marks my 7th month here in Japan. I actually thought of writing new year goals, things I'm thankful for in 2016, or even a quick look back in 2016 but then I again I thought to myself "so cliché" haha!

Just in time, I received a huge FUKUBUKURO from my parents after they went out for shopping. I dunno if you've noticed, my -ber months have been very hectic I could really use a day for rest or some 'me' time (hence, the short hiatus in blogging). So now, what's Fukubukuro?

Japanese stores have this New Year tradition in which they fill loot bags with unknown random contents and sell them for a discounted price, usually 50-80% off the original worth of the contents of the bag. These bags are called fukubukuro or "mystery bag" sometimes called "lucky/fortune bag".

So, how does this Fukubukuro season work?

Almost all stores/supermarkets/malls participate in this custom. It starts on New Year's Day and can last for a day or week depending on supplies.

No peeking. No checking/opening of Fukubukuro bags unless you bought it. May odds be in your favor! Haha

Most malls categorized their Fukubukuro for transparency. For example, my parents got a ¥3000 Fukubukuro which contents are worth ¥10,000 suitable for my age. The mall also sold ¥5,000 Fukubukuro which contents are more or less worth ¥15-20,000; the contents are stainless fashion jewelries, and other fashion goodies for the older group. If you're getting your Fukubukuro from a boutique/store, you can bet that the contents are the ones from their store alone.

Now, what's inside my mystery bag?
Stuffed toy a.k.a my new sleeping buddy
This is the biggest I got out of the bunch. It literally ate up half of the space in the paper bag!

Knapsack bag with panda face
I think this is the priciest I got next to my sleeping sheep stuffed toy. This one costs ¥4,000. So cute, yes?

Stainless soup jar w/ black cats design
Animal stainless soup jar, ¥1,700. (+ another kuroneko keychain. This is from mom's Fukubukuro though, she knows I love neko so she gifted the black cat keychain to me instead haha! She got a kuroneko lunch box by the way, Lucky!!)

Warm long socks for winter
POUCH COLLECTION's eyeglass pouch, smartphone pouch, and Rilakkuma mechanical pencil

Bomb bath set and Aroma wrislet
I don't have the individual snaps of these two as we've already used them. The aroma wrislet is very interesting, it smells like lemon and I guess you wear it if you feel like doing aroma therapy outdoor or when you're stressed out (you sniff your wrist? I dunno) but in my case, was really never a fan of citrus scent so.

If you like random kawaii goodies (I know you do), I suggest getting Fukubukuro at novelty stores that one that sells stationery, pens, and seals like LOFT and Tokyu Hands. You gonna love it!


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