Toyota Commemorative Museum and Quick Trip to Nagoya Castle

by - Monday, March 27, 2017

This winter, my colleagues and I went to Nagoya, Aichi-ken. It was supposed to be a work-related trip, (more like an association-related trip actually) but luckily we were able to squeeze in quick trips to some of the famous places in Nagoya.

Inside the Nozomi Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
Nagoya, being Japan's 4th biggest City and the birthplace of Toyota company. Nagoya is also another tourist spot to watch out for.
Why you should visit?
This year, Japan's LEGOLAND will open this April (source). My relatives usually drop by Legoland Malaysia from Singapore, but now, you can go to TOKYO Disneyland - NAGOYA Legoland - OSAKA Universal Studio all in one Japan trip! Isn't that amazing?

If you're coming from Tokyo, Nagoya is accessible via Nozomi, Kodama and Hikari bullet trains. From the south (Shin-Osaka), it takes only less than an hour to reach Nagoya station. Tourist visa holders should take advantage of the JR Pass since it allows you to ride both the bullet trains and local trains at a fee that we residents could only wish for! Haha

Me-guru Bus 1-Day Tickets (¥500/each)
Surprisingly, getting around Nagoya was fairly easy. They have this Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus called "Me-guru" which can be found at Bus Terminal #8 outside Nagoya Station.

This "gold" bus passes through 9 tourist places before going back again to Nagoya Station. The Bus Ticket allows you to ride the bus unlimited times for that whole day! Check this link for routes and other travel information.


English brochure and entrance ticket. And oh! What's really nice about the Me-guru ticket is that it also honors you discounted entrance fees to tourist spots listed in the Me-guru Pamphlet, including this museum!

The museum showcases Toyota company inventions from the past up until the present; from old weaving machines to high technology looms, car engines/parts to robots playing instruments.

Honestly, I enjoyed the museum tour so much! How I wish we had more time to explore the place though. If I would bring some male friends and girl friends who are into cars and technology? I would definitely suggest this museum!

A total of 7,900 square meters wide, the Toyota Car Hall showcases Toyota's well-known car models  produced from year 1960 up to 2000.

The tour in Toyota Commemorative museum is very informative. I had no idea that the Toyota Group of Companies actually started as a loom/weaving company before they venture out to automobiles. Talk about humble beginnings!

If you're tired, at the end of the museum are souvenir stores and restaurants where you can relax, sit down or buy Toyota souvenirs.


There are many castles in every Prefecture in Japan and each castle boasts unique features, color, and style. For example, the Okayama castle is given the nickname "Crow Castle" for having a black exterior, contrary to Himeji Castle's (super) beautiful white exterior which made it earn its nickname "White Egret Castle"; the Nagoya castle on the other hand prides on its green exterior.

The admission fee to Nagoya Castle is ¥500 but with the Me-guru bus ticket/pass, we got to enter the place for a discounted price of ¥400.

Here's my favorite part, buying and taking home souvenirs! I dunno about you but I'm a sucker for sweets and bite-sized snacks. And I love Japanese manju, really. Like really!! So when I learned that one of Nagoya's famous souvenirs is a manju, , I knew I shouldn't go home without it!

I also bought boxes of these white chocolate coated wafers (pink box) for family and friends.

Memorable experience in Nagoya: there are many Filipino residents in Nagoya and we met some on the way. It always feels like home whenever I see Filipino faces in the train station, buses, and malls.


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