SHIBUYA: Dining at Alice in Dancing Land

by - Monday, May 01, 2017


Hachiko. Busiest monument.
Didn't stand a chance of taking a selfie because believe me, it was so crowded. Tourists take turns every second.

I arrived at Tokyo station exactly at 4:33 PM. The station is so big and mostly under renovation (for the 2020 Olympics) so you can just imagine how difficult it was for us to find our way out. After leaving our luggage in a locker near our hotel's train line, I eagerly requested to go to Shibuya since it was already getting dark. And of course the best place to go picture-taking when it's dark and the city lights are out? Shibuya crossing!

HELLO KITTY-themed train right outside Shibuya Station. This train car actually serves as Shibuya's tourist information center. The train usually get revamped/re-dress up to look like certain popular characters. I heard the train car looked like a frog before; hence it was named as 'Aogaeru Tourist Information Center'. ("green frog")

Inside the train car

Shibuya crossing in the afternoon

Tower Records Cafe

The stairs down to Alice in Dancing Land!

Just when I thought we can find this restaurant in a breeze, not. It lies somewhere at the back of a Seibu building and little did we know that there are two Seibu buildings in the area. I can't even remember how we get there, all I know is that I got to thank Ichiran Ramen and Bershka as my landmarks.

Inside Alice in Dance Land, we were happily greeted by Mad Hatter and escorted by Alice as our waitress.

It almost dinner time when we arrived, so for our order we got WONDERLAND DINNER SET (¥1,780 drinks and tax not included).

It includes a pasta of our choice (Eat Meat Spaghetti; not included in the photo), salad, appetizer, bread and dessert.

The Menu

Image via


Shibuya crossing at night. What a beauty!

We spent the night exploring. We went to Shibuya Loft, Kinokuniya Shibuya and took photos of people crossing the street from the second floor of Starbucks. I also think we spent an hour or two crossing the street (while taking an Instagram story) back and forth. So tourist-y! Haha

Copic markers at Loft Shibuya

Unless you're into fashion shopping spree, Shibuya isn't much a big space to explore but I totally love the place. It reminds of me of the place where I grew up. Tall buildings, malls sprouting like mushrooms; I'm a city girl at heart and forever will be. The buildings, the shopping malls, the city lights and the noise are what really pump me up when I'm lonely. I will be back, Shibuya! I promise.

Alice in Dancing Land
(5 mins walk from Shibuya Station)
〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町16番9号 ゼロゲート 地下1F

Shibuya Official Tourism Website

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