Hydrangeas and Rainy Season in Japan

by - Sunday, June 18, 2017

Pastel Pink Mophead Hydrangea

Hydrangea, known as "Ajisai" in Japanese, is my favorite flower next to cherry blossoms. Actually, I fell in love with it first before I ever saw my first Sakura. I came in Japan seven years ago during the Summer season so Ajisai is the first flower that greeted me when I arrived.

Fuchsia pink mopheads and purple hybrid
Red mophead hydrangeas

What I really like about Ajisai is their variety in color and size. Most of them are big enough to pass as a mini bouquet. Some of them even outgrew their leaves that they look like colorful balls of fur floating around from afar. Just go imagine how beautiful they are!

Newly planted blue, pink, and purple mophead hydrangeas in our backyard.

In general, Ajisai starts blooming from early June to mid-July (Summer). During this season, rain pours in most parts of Japan. It doesn't rain everyday, however, when it rains, one can expect intensive downpours and rains that last for a couple of days.

Here is another type of Hydrangea called "lacecaps" in purple color. At first, I have no idea that it is actually another type of Ajisai until I did my research and noticed how similar their leaves are. 

Lacecap hydrangeas in pastel pink

Another from our backyard, blue Hydrangea mopheads

Where to see Hydrangeas in Japan?
Hydrangeas can be found all over Japan. Some instantly grow at random places while some are willfully planted and maintained. The beautiful Hydrangeas I know are maintained in flower parks and temples.

Meigetsuin Temple in Kamakura (Kanagawa) also known as 'Ajisaidera' which translates to 'Hydrangea Temple' Image via Travelience 

Hakone Tozan Railway in Hakone (Kanagawa) Image via Japan-guide

Katsuo-ji Temple (Osaka) Image via Wa-Oh! Japan

Sōhonzan Hasedera Temple (Nara) Image via Wa-Oh! Japan

Quick life update! Last month, my laptop died on me while I was browsing. Luckily I was already done with my design projects, however, it heavily affected my blogging. Long story short, I'm back and now blogging through macOS Sierra with my new Macbook Pro. So far, I'm all praises except I've been shelling out moolah to buy adapters and random wires and whatnot! Haha

Pastel-colored Hydrangeas outside a shopping mall

How about you, do you like Hydrangeas too?

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