Tokyo Disneyland - April 2017

by - Friday, June 30, 2017

Finally! Yes. I finally got the chance to write about my Tokyo adventure. Been putting this off ever since I went to Kyoto. Kyoto has that effect on me, I guess.

But lo and behold, Tokyo Disneyland still feels like a dream-come-true to me until now. I've never dreamed of traveling abroad but I've always had a strong attachment to theme parks (including abandoned ones actually). So for this, I am just truly thankful.

You can just imagine how I felt envious of people who have been to Star City (because I haven't even been there haha). Also, I actually cried (stealthily) when we first arrived in Hong Kong Disneyland. I was teary-eyed while watching the parade and the evening fireworks display at Hong Kong Disneyland. I also felt the same when I first saw the fireworks display at Enchanted Kingdom when I was a kid. I am dead serious. Please don't laugh at me after learning this! Haha

Childhood dream fulfilled! Tickets for two for Tokyo Disneyland!

My good friend and I went to Tokyo Disneyland on a weekday last April. The seasonal event for that day is called 'Disney Easter' which runs for 3 months. There were Easter eggs and bunnies all over Disneyland. During this season, the parade, the menu, and merch are prepared with Easter decors. And I got to tell you, they're undeniably cute!

The Space Mountain
I will never forget Space Mountain. This is our first ride in Tokyo Disneyland. I'm not sharing the nitty-gritties here because, hey, who likes spoilers, right? But in case you're wondering, Space Mountain is one of those attractions with FAST PASS feature. My friend said the line gets usually crazy here so the plan was to get a Fast Pass first then roam around. Luckily, since we are (ehem) good runners , we were one of the first few people to enter without FAST PASS but with only 15 mins waiting time!

The entrance to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster! 

Toy Story stuffed toys

A souvenir shop with vintage factory theme

Minnie Mouse's backyard! Look at those pastel pink flowers, what a beauty! 🌸

Mickey Fountain and the busy people of ToonTown  

Chip N' Dale Treehouse  

Food in theme parks are usually spendy, Hong Kong and Tokyo Disneyland are no exception.
TIP #1: I highly recommend getting a copy of the leaflets. The leaflets include not only a map of the attractions but also a map of souvenir shops and restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland. The restaurants are rated according to their price point as well. 

TIP #2: I highly suggest eating at Huey, Dewey and Louie's Good Time Cafe. They are one of the least expensive cafés around the area. Be careful though as the table and seats get easily occupied. If you come in group, let one person reserve a seat while the other lines up to order.   

Minnie Mouse's House   

What a beautiful view! It's A Small World attraction was closed during the time we visited. I'm not sure if it was undergoing maintenance but other attractions like the Pirates of Caribbean was closed too. Sigh.

Cinderella's Castle

Let's get inside!

This is exactly my type of room! So intricate, classy, and baroque? Haha! It is just so, so breathtakingly beautiful!

People waiting in line 

Cinderella story in painting

Look at 'em drapes 

The main hall features the throne chair and Cinderella's glass shoes. I'm not posting photos of the important part of the attraction but.. TIP #3 take a photo of this painting without flash, then take a selfie with this as your background this time, WITH flash. You're welcome!

A true-blue Disney kid will definitely enjoy Fantasyland Area. Recommended rides are Snow White's Adventure, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, and of course, my ultimately favorite Peter Pan's flight!

As a child, who hasn't dreamed of Peter Pan's world. Now you can board a flying pirate ship for two and sail from London to Never Land! So set sail on the adventure you've dreamed of! - Tokyo Disneyland 

Pooh Corner souvenir store at Fantasy Land

Adventureland Area  - now riding Jungle Cruise Wildlife Expeditions!

Recommended attractions in Adventureland are Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, and Western River Railroad. I don't have a photo while riding the Western River Railroad but trust me, it is a must try! (Lesson learned, always bring heavy duty powerbanks)
Climb aboard an authentic steam train for a round trip through Adventureland, Critter Country, and Westernland. You'll go on a journey that takes you through a tropical jungle and on to the American Old West. - Tokyo Disneyland

Image via Tokyo Disneyland

Take advantage of the seasonal souvenirs and merch because every year is special. The Disney Easter theme for this year, for example, is popping colors of cyan, pink, and green. The color/theme changes annually per season and event. I wonder how things will look like during this Winter season?

How about you, what's your favorite Disneyland ride so far?

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