Minion Park Opens at Universal Studios Japan

by - Monday, July 10, 2017

Well, this is totally unplanned but I was able to visit Universal Studios Japan last May just in time with the newly opened attraction, Minion Park. We also spotted a number of minions at the whole park site! A couple of food and Minion merch can be found all over USJ too. Oh, the joys these creatures bring! Haha 😍

And since this is totally out of my itinerary, I didn't do much (like riding the extreme rides in USJ) but a big chunk of our day was spent checking out food and themed shops, buying souvenirs, taking photos, and basically exploring the place. We had a couple of photo-ops at my fave attractions (which I will do in a separate blog) but for now here's a visual diary of my Universal Studios Japan Adventure (Part 1).

The Universal City Walk to the park

How to go:
From Osaka Station, Universal City station can be reached via Osaka Loop Line to Nishikujo station then transfer to Sakurajima Line to Universal City station. It will cost ¥180 and will take 18 minutes.

1-day Studio Pass - ¥7,600 adult (tax included)
                                               - ¥5,100 child / ¥6,830 senior  (tax included)

Universal Studios Japan also offers 2-day pass and Express Pass that allows you to enjoy certain attractions with reduced waiting time or even with 'time designation' according to your preference. For more information about tickets, go here.

Universal Cool Japan attractions
Cinema 4-D: Evangelion XR, Godzilla The Real 4D, Attack on Titan The Real, Detective Conan The Escape. Taking photos during the show is not allowed. The line was rather long that day I think it took us roughly 45 minutes to get in. I'm not complaining though as the 4D experience was so good!

Mel's Drive-in restaurant. This restaurant really screams the American 'vibe' plus I love it's rocking the 50's, the neon lights at night is so classic!

Image via

Hello Kitty Design Studio (character and souvenir store)

Hollywood Area

Pink Cafe - Minion Splash Lemon Soda (¥550)

Minion Park

The number of tourists didn't come as a surprise (even on a weekday). I swear there are many photo-worthy places in Universal Studios if not for the amount of visitors that day, I would stay longer.

New York Area



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