I Finally Bought The New Macbook Pro And Here's What Happened

by - Friday, August 04, 2017

So I finally made the switch! ☺️

I've been meaning to switch from Windows to Mac since university days but for so many reasons, I just couldn't drop the dough. But just a couple of months ago, all hell broke loose when my 6-years old Vaio decided to die on me. I was only browsing my way to watch the latest episode of Shingeki No Kyojin when the blue screen of death appeared abruptly. I was so devastated. Lucky enough, I was already done with my design projects and worksheets.

So what made me decide to go Mac?
1. I need a computer running in English. I've been using Japanese laptops for all my life and while it helped me build a foundation in studying Nihongo, the fact that I can not customize the computer according to my preference is so much of a hassle. There is still so much to do and explore if just my computer was in a language I am familiar with. Had many instances were people were telling me to make drive partition, to do this so I can do that and the only thing I could reply is "I can't because my reading ability is up until this part of the computer only haha" (a real bummer). In Mac, there's no problem in changing the overall language used in a computer. Meaning, I can freely type in Japanese while the rest of the computer is operating in English!

2. I need a computer designed for designing. While most of my digital life revolves around doing minor tasks like web browsing, email checking, blogging, and doing worksheets nowadays. I still do design projects on the side. Back in university, I had a very huge problem regarding why my colors do not turn out the way I wanted them to be printed. I spent thousands of Pesos reprinting the same designs using different types of papers, different printers of different printing shops just to come up with something close to my preferred color; only to find out that the problem is my computer itself. To cut the story short, Apple offers the advantage when it comes to graphics and colors, and so far I'm all praises.

3. I've been using Apple products for years and so I thought switching wouldn't be much of a crazy adjustment. I can easily transfer files from iphone/ipad to macbook without breaking a sweat.

And I am right!

But before we go to the nitty gritties, let's quickly go over how it looks. Compared to its 15-inch forerunner, the new Macbook Pro now comes in space gray and of course, silver finish. This one's no big deal for me but the famous backlit Apple logo is no long here but hey, it's slimmer and lighter!

Macbook Pro (2017) in comparison with iPad Mini

One great improvement that I really like is in the weight. For reference, I got the 2017 version, 13-inch Macbook Pro sans the Touch Bar. The 2016/2017 Macbook Pros are all Retina displays. The Touch Bar and Touch ID are both available in 13 and 15-inch models. But if you're not rolling in the dough (just like me) then you can always get the lower end of the MBP line without the Touch Bar/Touch ID which comes in 13-inch, though.

While the previous versions (2009 and 2015) weigh 2.04 and 1.58kg respectively; The 2017 Macbook Pro is 14.9mm thin and weighs only one and a half kilos, 1.37kg to be exact. I've been taking a bulky 2011-model laptop for years and you can just imagine how difficult it was for me to bring it to school almost every freaking day. 

  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Airdrop (using my iphone to quickly send photos)
  • Super nice, crystal clear, crisp display and graphics

Many people are not impressed by the 'butterfly' keyboard and the Force Touch trackpad. But prolly because I'm a newcomer to the MBP life, these two aren't so much of a big issue for me. One notable experience though is sometimes I feel like the trackpad fails to read the pressure I put in so I need to re-press.

One of the reasons why I thought bazillion times before getting myself a Macbook? Compatibility.

I could really use another post on how much I love the fact that my previous Windows laptop is compatible with every applications, cables, and whatnots. (However, this is a Macbook Pro appreciation post so let's forget about that haha!) On the serious note, switching to Mac? then go get yourself another external hard drive too.

Windows and Mac use two different file systems and they're incompatible with each other. It won't read my trusted external HD. They said there's a way round here: by either formatting the drive to a certain file system (which also has a huge disadvantage, you may read up) or doing drive partitions which also involves formatting both partitions. Needless to say, both options involve tedious work.
And yes, just two and a headphone jack (on the other side). "Gahd, I hate dongles."

Another hurdle is that they swapped out USB ports, HDMI ports (my savior for a dying screen), and no DVD drive as usual. And while Apple offers many adapters and accessories, these of course, do not come free with your computer and obviously ain't cheap either.
NOTE: I move around a lot, our printer's located downstairs (and doesn't print wirelessly)
I was actually searching for multipurpose dongle but it's difficult to catch it on stock around here and I'm not sure if it's Apple-approved neither so I got these two instead.
  • Incompatibility
  • Spendy - requires adapters and other accessories

I think it all boils down to one's (computer) lifestyle. I live in a non-English speaking country and almost all of the computers in the market are running in their native language. What I truly love about Apple products is the quick and easy feature in changing from one language to another. Other features are just 'a bonus' for me. My new Macbook Pro isn't without its fair share of flaws but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Heavy gamers and computer tweakers would enjoy Windows computers as much as designers/architects/music artists would enjoy a Macbook. So yep, it all depends to one's lifestyle, I guess.

Specs and Price:


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