Kawaii Things To Do in Harajuku

by - Sunday, September 17, 2017

Things To Do in Harajuku
Missing Tokyo lately so I thought of writing about our last day in Tokyo. I've already written about our trip to Shibuya and Alice in Dancing Land restaurant, how our day went in Tokyo Disneyland, and the last leg of our Harajuku trip: KIDDY LAND toy store, I realized I really haven't blogged about Harajuku exactly, so here ya go! Warning, this will be long.
Things To Do in Harajuku
Things To Do in Harajuku
Being an ever-changing shopping mecca with new stores constantly springing up like mushrooms, keeping up with Harajuku can really be a tough job but it's the main reason why it's fun going there! Each visit is not the same. You get all the new and fresh dibs on trendy items each time you visit Tokyo. It's different during morning hours (closed stores meaning more creative graffiti to see, that is if you find them creative like I do haha) and it's even more lively during the night. If you're heading to Tokyo soon, here are the things to do in Harajuku to make the most of your visit!

Things To Do in Harajuku
Things To Do in Harajuku
1. Eat Crepes!
If I'm going to describe Takeshita Street in Harajuku using two words? It's gonna be "Pink" and "Crepes". The first time I stepped foot in Takeshita street was during Spring when the weather was rather cool. Still, we were welcomed with so much crepe shops I could count. Filled with ice creams, chocolates, and ichigo, crepes in Harajuku is something you shouldn't miss.
Things To Do in Harajuku
Things To Do in Harajuku
Things To Do in Harajuku
2. Go on a Graffiti Hunt
We arrived in Takeshita street in the morning. We were lucky to see Takeshita street at its most relaxed state where shops were still closed (most shops open at 11am), not so much tourists, and shops' doors down and painted with graffiti. If you passed through Takeshita Street, there's a graffiti on a long wall near Jingumae. If you have the time, Barbie Harajuku and 6% DOKIDOKI are just in this shopping area as well. There are many independent brands and cafes around the area too, definitely a relaxing spot to rest at after Takeshita street.

Things To Do in Harajuku
Taking photos inside 6% DOKIDOKI is not allowed
Things To Do in Harajuku
Things To Do in Harajuku
Things To Do in Harajuku

Things To Do in Harajuku
Things To Do in Harajuku
Things To Do in Harajuku
3. Satisfy your sweeth tooth with giant rainbow cotton candy!
A trip to Takeshita street won't be complete without trying out sweet treats! Aside from the crepes, Harajuku is also the home of giant rainbow cotton candies with each color tasting interestingly different and with a size that's even bigger than one's own head. Yep, that big! The most popular store that offers rainbow cotton candy is Totti Candy Factory with price ranging from ¥600-800. They also offer cake pops and candies. Literally a factory of anything but sweet treats!
Things To Do in Harajuku

Luck was not in favor of us that day when we arrived in Takeshita street, Totti Candy Factory was still closed so we indulged ourselves with colorful cotton candy (still gigantic though) from Rainbow Mountain store instead.

4. Go on a ¥100 shopping spree at DAISO
Ever found yourself in last minute souvenir shopping? You're in for the treat as the DAISO Harajuku branch has 4 floors (including the basement) filled with unbelievable amount of cute and new discoveries (things like you wouldn't think you need but will buy anyway haha). And being the most tourist-friendly Daiso, signs are available in multiple languages and some staff even speaks English. Also read, Top 5 Places To Shop For Souvenirs in Japan.

Things To Do in Harajuku
5. Relive your childhood, Enter 'The World Connection'!
This 3-floor unique quirky souvenir and toy store is one great example of what makes Harajuku an interesting place to go visit! Your Harajuku/Takeshita Street trip won't be complete without a selfie in this famous staircase full of posters, toys, and other memorabilia you can think of from our favorite childhood shows and movies. The World Connection is a must-visit if you love toys and most of all, if you want to bring home something unique and quirky as a souvenir.

6. Kawaii Monster Cafe (do I even need an introduction for this?)
The highlight of our Harajuku trip was our lunch date in Kawaii Monster Cafe, the funkiest, wackiest, insane concept/theme restaurant in town. And it fits just exactly in Harajuku. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! If you've seen my Instagram stories you would hear me doing insane sounds, squeaking at everything I see! This is not a tourist trap I expected for a theme restaurant, the food is unbelievably good. Also read, Shibuya's Alice in Dancing Land (Alice in Wonderland theme restaurant) and Himeji's Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty.

This restaurant is pure insane (in a good way of course!) that's why it deserves a separate long post which I will do, very very soon!
PS: Zedd was in Kawaii Monster Cafe recently (September, 2017). Ariana Grande was also here for Vogue Japan shoot. 

7. Visit the newly opened Style Nanda store
Obsessed with pink? Visit the newly opened Style Nanda store in Harajuku. Style Nanda Harajuku branch wasn't opened yet when we visited in April, so I was surprised when I saw a Japanese friend posting a photo with a very familiar, overly cute and pink background in May. I've been reading blogs 'bout their cute branches in Seoul so I'm just very happy that they're finally here in Japan! Pink, picturesque background + makeup? Can't beat that.

Style Nanda Harajuku
OM169bldg Jingumae 1-6-9 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo150-0001 Japan
T +81 3 6721 1612
Open hours : 10:00 - 21:00

image via http://www.gotokyo.org/en/kanko/shibuya/spot/130422_03.html
8. Visit Tokyo's famous toy paradise, KIDDY LAND!
Can't get enough of toys? After visiting The World Connection for quirky things, how about a trip to Harajuku's famous 5-floor tall toy paradise. From Studio Ghibli, Pokemon, Doraemon, Pusheen to Hello Kitty, they all sure have it! It's an amazing toy store where Angelina Jolie herself would bring her kids for some toy shopping spree! I wrote a separate post about Kiddy Land Harajuku here, check it out!

9. Shop at Tokyu Plaza in Omotesando
Tokyu Plaza, with its impressive architecture, an urban roof garden and a kaleidoscopic elevated entrance, is a fashion shopping mall in Omotesando Harajuku that you must not miss! This amazing shopping complex has easily become the home of American Eagle, Jill Stuart, and Tommy Hilfiger and some Japanese fashion brands. Starbucks also maintains a relaxing open space on the roof garden if you're looking for coffee fix. If you're tired with Takeshita Street's energetic vibe, Tokyu Plaza will be right up your alley.
images via http://candyagogo.com/
10. Visit Candy A-Go-Go where Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty's music video was shot

I think we already had too much sweets that day that we only swing by Candy A-Go-Go without buying anything. If you're big on candies, gummies, and chocolates then Candy A-Go-Go is absolutely for you!

Candy A-Go-Go Harajuku Takeshitadori Store
1-7-1 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Cute Cube 1F
10: 00 ~ 20: 00


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