LIFE LATELY: Went to Manila and Here's What Went Down

by - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It's been exactly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day since my last LIFE LATEY post so I thought of writing something more personal today and in all honesty, I miss this! I miss writing on the spot without any draft and plans, you know, just typing aimlessly and just pouring my heart out.

Caleruega Church, Tagaytay
Last September, my birth month, my mom and I went on a vacay to Manila for my cousin's wedding. I've almost cancelled this trip because I thought to myself, "I've nothing to do there anyway, my then boyfriend had just broken up with me, my friends would obviously be very busy at work, plus wedding ceremonies bore the shit out of me." but we pushed through anyway, and I'm truly thankful we did!

Surprisingly, this was honestly the first time I've ever felt more awake and focus in a wedding ceremony. I was paying attention to every detail probably because I liked everything from the theme, wedding location, reception flow up to the minuscule details like their choice of presiding priest, drone shot, my cousin's flawless makeup base, her shoes. Everything! Reklamo-reklamo pa ako nung una na ang layo and magastos but later on I told myself, worth it!

I stayed in Manila for 20 days and the first week was spent at home with family, doing preparations for the wedding, and stayed a night in Tagaytay for the wedding itself. After that hectic week, I was finally able to do some errands and at long last meet with friends! My childhood bff (since I was 7 years old?) took me to the nearest cafe. Lafang lang and walang katapusang chismisan! Sabi ko nga, when you're with good company you forget the time. I barely touched my phone and it seemed like nothing has changed even if we don't see each other often.

Grilled Lava Cheese Nacho
I remember when I put my birthday on Facebook on private, my childhood bff and her mom were the first two to remember to greet me. Friends like that are for keeps!

A couple of days after was my tita's farewell party hosted by mom. My mom and aunt only get to see each other roughly every 3-4 years as my tita works in Europe and my mom barely takes a vacation too.

Friday. Most of my friends are either busy doing their masters, preparing for boards, or working so I really had zero expectations when it comes to meetups kaya naiyak talaga ako ng bongga kasi talagang sila mga nag-adjust, naghabol, nagmessage so we can meet up. Nakakatouch kayo sobra. Luckily, at that same week, I was able to meet up with some high school friends / Taguig kids, Ayie and Kevs. Thank you so much guys for making time for me!

Saturday is for the North Kids! Starbucks in the afternoon, Miniso shopping for cute goodies, "exchange gift" (haha), and Italianni's in the evening. My college friends are still the craziest friends one could ever have and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love how everyone stayed the same people I met during college. Love how we would laugh so hard, talk like there's no tomorrow, and do things shamelessly like bringing food in Starbucks and pagbantaang palalayasin ng guard wtf! Haha! Thank God for baliw but sweetest friends! Haha

BETS, if ever anyone of you is reading this, thank you at hindi pa rin kayo nagbabago. You always bring out the good vibes in everyone and I'm really glad when I saw the smiles in your face when you received my rather small gifts.  Next time ulit! :)

Sunday was for "me" time and pasalubong shopping. I've been meaning to buy some sports bra and luckily I was able to score some here. We were also running out of chocolates and noodles to give away (kasi kinakain agad ng mga tao sa bahay lol) so I decided to get a friend a shirt instead.

Monday. First agenda of the week is to go to uni to get my transcript of records and diploma, thank goodness the process took only a minute or two and I didn't have to wait or to go back again to claim. There, I decided to go to my favorite shopping mecca and waiting area during my vacant time back in college, Divisoria! Oh, the wonders of Divi. I didn't get a lot and just enjoy my alone time eating my lunch, Chowking and observing people. ~*people watching*~

Tuesday night, sumptuous dinner with family at Abe.

And more food! Puto Bumbong, Taho and (dirty) Ice Cream! Nyahaha

Mga kakanin for pasalubong

Chowking and homemade Beef Nilaga are my current favorites.

Wednesday night. Another unplanned, biglaang lakad with ang bilis kausap childhood besties. This is one of my most unforgettable memories of this vacation (actually lahat naman, kasi everyone really made me feel so loved and special I wanna cry seryoso) because these two, we've known each other since we were in grade school; we live very near each other's houses but due to our schedules, we really seldom talk nor meet each other. And I truly felt the love when I suddenly messaged them in facebook if they were free that night and voila! Ang bilis kausap. Game na game agad. It also felt so good to start every story with "naalala mo nung..." "remember si ano... yung bata pa tayo.. " and how we talked like nothing has changed.

Friday night. Ito pa isang nagpaiyak sakin lol. I think everyone would be confused why I've been saying it all over again but really in person I'm usually the noisy but reserved one, I just laugh and listen to people most of the time, I try to suppress every opinion and emotions to myself, I dunno but that's just me. So when people do something special to me I usually end up with poker face or you know, still keep my cool exterior but if you know me to the core, I'm actually crying heaps inside. I'm really, really bad at expressing sometimes (except maybe anger?) and that's one of the reasons why I blog: To write down what I feel.

These high school friends are also two of the few who remembered me on my special day when that information was hidden in facebook, I really don't mind if people forgets, it's just that it's touching that there are still people out there who just love you for who you are. Nothing less. Thank you Pusa and Kharla!

This was so memorable that I think I should write a separate blog about the things I learned (especially about myself) that day.

Saturday morning at Kultura. Basically our last full day in Manila. Morning was spent doing last minute shopping for pasalubong and hoarding Pinoy food. In the evening, we held another simple but intimate party with my family.

"If you really want to know how rich you are, find out how many things you have that money cannot buy." 

To everyone who helped me create this wonderful memory, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! 'til next time! :)

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