Japan Makeup Haul and Empties!

by - Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Let's start off with my recent empties.

KATE Tokyo Powder Foundation (¥1,700) - I usually buy two powder foundations, I want a powder I can bring with me wherever I go and another one I can leave at home. This powder foundie has no mirror in it so it's the one that stays at home. So far what I love most about it is that it really does it job as a setting powder on top of my liquid foundie.

Missha M Magic Cushion (¥1,000) - I used to not like this cushion but this has become my lifesaver come the colder season. It's easy to use and the coverage is buildable. You would still need a heavy duty concealer for those pesky zits but on most days, I'd use this alone plus some powder. TIP: once done with the product, you can use the container for your BB creams.

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder - It's usually challenging to find mattifying foundations here in Japan as they're big on dewy skin so when I found out Canmake has this matte powder foundation I bagged this foundation real quick. The price is fairly cheap as far as I can remember. It's good for bringing around and everyday use. The texture's fine and it feels light on skin. The packaging is looking oh so sleek in that gold packaging! I love this foundation I finished it even before making a review! Haha
Product information here

K-Palette Real Lasting 24h Eyeliner (¥1,200) - another cult favorite in the list is the K-palette eyeliner. Can’t keep track how many K-palette eyeliners I’ve finished in the past but this is definitely something one should have in their makeup kit, check out my review here!

Canmake GOKUBUTO Mascara (¥600) - Canmake is a goldmine of quality but affordable makeup in Japan. It’s always been my go-to makeup whenever my budget’s tight (because food usually screws my budget haha). I’m not big on mascara that’s why I usually skimp on them; and there are days when I’d leave with heavy makeup on but without mascara and lipstick (it’s just me) but if I have to buy a mascara it got to be VOLUMIZING, and Canmake GOKUBUTO gave me that eyelash extension-looking finish for a cheap price. I love this! Go hoard #wheninJapan. Product information here

Bioré UV Spray SPF50 Sunscreen - one thing I regret the most whenever I’m here in Japan is not taking good care of my skin. I think I’ll still be the usual lazy girl when it comes to face routines but I promised myself to be more protective of myself from skin cancer/freckles/hyperpigmentation and other skin problems. So yeah, sana magtanda na ako kasi ang itim ko na rin talaga! Haha

That’s it for my recent empties. Now let’s go to my recent hauls. Take note that I didn’t get everything in one shopping. Most of them are purchased from September-October while the ones without boxes (like Peripera and the Heroine Make eyeliner were bought a little earlier).

Media by Kanebo Lip Liner

Peripera Peri's Ink Drop BB (no box)
KATE Tokyo 'The Zero Base' Powder Foundation
Cezanne Make Keep Base (super cheap makeup primer for ¥600)
FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filt'r Foundation (review here)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
L.A. Girls Pro Conceal HD Concealer (for dark circles; got this from Sundance Bazaar in Manila - @lipstickallucan)
I'm almost done with my other KATE powder foundation so I decided to get a new one. I'm a huge fan of Japanese drugstore powder foundations because honestly, almost all of them are so, so good! They are finely milled (not chalky) and they really took their coverage game on the next level. I feel like I always get more than what I paid for.

But I keep coming back to KATE Tokyo because I noticed that compared to other J-brands they have the most yellow toned foundations and their darkest shade if not close enough, are just right enough for my skin tone. And that's the problem with foundations in Japan: they usually come in 2-4 shades and if you're medium toned like me, nothing from these shades will match your skin tone just right. They will either look so white or pinkish on you.

Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara
Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (dark brown)

Redeeming their spot in my faves list, if there's a thing Japan has perfected ahead of others: it's got to be their eyeliners and mascara gaming! Don't forget to stock them Heroine Make and K-palette when in Donki!

Face and Eyes Makeup Brush Set (first photo),
Real Techniques Blush Brush (pink),
and Real Techniques Expert Face Brush.

Excuse the makeup stains in my Real Techniques brushes I've already used them before the product shoot! Haha! That's a wrap for my recent makeup hauls and empties. Been very busy these past few days and it's the "good" kind of busy where I don't force myself to feel occupied. Autumn season is also ending soon and it's getting colder and colder each day thus I also find myself hibernating more than the usual! *wink*

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