A Year That Was 2017!

by - Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Oops, forgive me! I know I’m already two months late for my year 2017 rundown. Just like what I hinted in my previous personal post, Winter always gets the best of me. It makes me slack, drags me to my lowest of low, makes me think and feel a lot of stuff I’m not even supposed to think nor feel. Anyway, I’m actually feeling a bit better now (albeit, still feeling anxious and nervous about a lot of things), March is coming and I can't wait for Spring! 🌸

Hello Kitty's Corner Cafe at Universal Studios Japan, May 2017

❄️ January 2017 ❄️
Nothing real big happened during this month. As much as I want to go out during the colder season (travel costs are cheap) the low temperature would just stop anyone from doing so. But I loved my January because it is the first month of the year, I practically had a rough 2016 so January was a breath of fresh air. We also bought a New Year's mystery bag (which is Japan's customary shopping event that only happens during the first few days of January.)

PS: This 'mystery bag' buying has become a family tradition too. These are what I got this year:

February ☃️
It really pays to have planners and digital notes, 'no? I jot my monthly expenses on my phone while also keeping a planner for events, errands (and even my monthly pay haha) so I was able to keep track on what was happening in a year. Guess who was usually home during February? Haha This month has the lowest expenses too. 

March 💐
Spring, finally! Days were longer and sunnier. Flowers could be seen everywhere. Trees were now growing leaves, everything felt alive! Also, had my hair cut short. March is like January to me, season-wise. I always look forward to this month not only because it's the start of Spring but also because it always signals a new beginning to me. Winter may only be 3 months but it always feels like whole lot bleak and dragging, the month of March is kind of breaking chains.

🌸 April 🌸
This was a long, fun-filled, hectic month. I had been waiting for April the most because of the trips I planned for this month. Went to a 3d Trick Art Museum with mom. Also, went out for Hanami (Sakura flower viewing) in our area. My good friend from Osaka and I initially planned to watch Coldplay in Tokyo but unfortunately we were not able to score tickets during the January release. Fret no more, Tokyo Disneyland is always there to the rescue!

May ⛩
Traveled to Hyogo Prefecture alone and went to Himeji Castle. Dined at Cafe de Miki with Hello Kitty. Had my passport renewed and went to Universal Studios Japan with mom. Stayed in a backpackers' hostel in Osaka alone and traveled to Kyoto by myself. This month has been very liberating and it really felt so good. I really enjoyed this month!

June 🍇
First of Summer. It was getting warmer, just in time for fruit harvest. I was fortunate to be invited by the marketing and logistics department of the company I was working for to take part at one of the visits to grapes farms in our area.

☀️ July and August ☀️
Summer festivals and special events were happening during these months but I worked then stayed home mostly. I do not like staying outdoors when it's extremely cold and hot. See the pattern? Haha During August, I think we spent most of our time shopping for pasalubong and packing our balikbayan box.

✈️ September ✈️
My birth month! I had been waiting for this. Spent my birthday at work as usual. Bought myself some birthday treats (bag, shoes, wifi memory card). Last dental appointment. Flew to Manila for my cousin's wedding in Tagaytay. Good times with friends and family!

October 🎃
Arrived back in Japan safely after my 20-day Manila vacation. This month had been very laid-back in terms of travels and activities. But nevertheless, October was a great month. It seemed like a fresh start for everything after my vacation and a lot of great things happened. First, I was able to obtain a Visa card which now allows me to buy and pay things online. Received a cute planner and pen as a late birthday gift from one of my mom's friends. (in case you haven't figured out yet, I LOVE PLANNERS AND PENS!)

Another thing (if we're friends in Instagram/stories), my PAL Mabuhay Miles card came in the mail. Have I mentioned I almost broke my iPad mini in July? When Apple released an iOS upgrade in October I tried my luck of updating my already-not-working ipad and voila, it actually worked!

November 🍂
November is the peak of Autumn season in Japan, had many plans but decided to mostly stay at home and read a book, and of course, work! 

December 🎄
Another favorite in the list is the eventful month of December. This month came by so fast, restless, and costly. lol attended various Christmas parties and meetings. I also did a lot of shopping for myself. I actually planned a lot of trips for this month but due to my work schedule I had to cancel. 

Honestly, I loved my 2017 so much I didn't want it to end yet. I have no idea how 2018 can beat it, I just hope it will! While writing this, the highlights, travels, happenings in 2017 felt like they just happened yesterday. It's nice to look back on the good memories and the people behind it.

I am now considering keeping a bullet journal of the good things that happen to me everyday; anything that will promote positivity and inspiration. I think it's a great way to reminisce and be reminded of all the good things, may it be trivial and mundane, that life is good. Let's see what will happen!

PS: 4 days have passed since the Chinese New Year. Now, officially marks the start of the 2018 / Dog predictions. May the odds be in our favor! Haha


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