CEZANNE Make Keep Base UV Review

by - Monday, February 26, 2018

I’ve never really given much attention to makeup primers, why? My overactive oil glands limit the stuff I put on my face to two: a moisturizer and a sunscreen. Sometimes, I can’t even layer both so I’d just go for a sunscreen that also works as a moisturizer or vice versa. It also feels lighter on skin that way.

See, I own many foundations, both from the high-end ones costing a bomb, up to the drugstore ones. I invest a lot on foundations. I want to believe I’m already good at making ‘filtered-like’ face but unfortunately I still fail. My pesky pores never fail to show up. I oil up a lot.

But then I realized one secret (that is actually already a giveaway) of good-looking, long lasting bases of the makeup junkies I look up to. Their skin looks so perfect, photo-ready, and immaculate. THEY USE MAKEUP PRIMERS and actually invest on it. Here, I decided to try the popular makeup primer from Cezanne. It’s the “Cezanne Make Keep Base UV”.

It’s cheap. For ¥600 you already have a primer. It actually the cheapest in the market as far as I know. Plus it ranks #2 in Japan’s Cosme Ranking.

PS: Cosme Ranking is Japan’s cosmetics award giving platform. Ranking goes from skincare, makeup, perfume, and even hair and oral care. You should check it out! Everything is in Nihongo though, so I suggest using Chrome.

Great products that have retained their spots for a long time usually have Cosme stickers on them so you’ll know you’re getting a crowd favorite. Look for that sticker when buying beauty products from Japan!

Okay, gotta be honest. The packaging is plastic and feels totally flimsy to touch. It’s not something I’d show off but hey for ¥600? Who am I to complain.

¥600 (tax excluded) / 30ml

The Cezanne Make Keep Base is available in pink beige and light blue variants. I got the pink beige one. Its pinkish shade helps give the illusion of a bright-looking complexion. Though, I’m careful not to put too much.

It’s right off the bat liquidy. It is runny. I don’t mind since it feels really light on skin. It gives a little bit of a dewy finish (for a while) but dries silky smooth after. (The finish reminds me of Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Primer).

“Prevents sebum and shine. Makes foundation last all day. Makes pores less obvious. Waterproof and sweat-resistant. Brightens your skin. SPF28/PA++ and fragrance-free.” -   (http://www.cezanne.co.jp/)

DOES IT LIVE UP TO ITS CLAIMS? I’d give it a 3.5!
I noticed how my makeup stays longer when I have Cezanne Make Keep Base on, it’s easier to blend away foundations too, my only concern is it barely keeps the oil on my T-zone at bay, especially on my nose. Nothing much has changed in the pores department too. (Not surprised! They’re really huge). Am I really that oily?

After 8 hours. Winter season + air-conditioned room. Foundation on my T-zone (nose and forehead) budged. Some settled on the sides of my nose. Pores on my nose are visible too.
Overall, with its interestingly cheap price point I honestly did not get my hopes too high. But I like Cezanne Makeup Keep Base because even though it contains silica/silicon, my skin luckily did not have any bad reaction to it.

Hope you love this review!

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