Current Favorites: Winter 2018

by - Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hello! Winter’s ending soon. Today I thought of sharing the things that help me survive the cold weather (aside from the obvious help of the heater and thick coats lol).  

Okuto Medicated Shampoo (for dandruff and itchy scalp) I had a very itchy dry scalp during this season. There were times when I couldn’t sleep because of that. I’d get wounds due to excessive scratching.

I went through different gaijin/expats forums and most of them suggest to get this. This product also ranked high (see sticker) in Cosme ranking so I was easily sold. And yes, this really works wonders! I was able to experience comfort as quick as the second day of using this.

Bioré Makeup Remover and Cleanser Facial Wash
For the lazy bum like me, this is a huge time saver. This has been in my routine for a while now. This facial wash works both as a makeup remover and your regular facial wash all in one tube. It removes my heavy duty eyeliner and foundation effortlessly. The only thing I have to double cleanse is my mascara as it is definitely notorious for being sweat and waterproof, it won’t budge easily! (You'll find out what mascara is it later)

Bioré is already available in the Philippines but if this product hasn’t reached our shores yet, better get this when you’re in Japan! Highly, highly recommended!

Nivea Bright Up Lip Moisturizer (Cherry Red)
Someone really love double functional products, eh? This lip moisturizer is tinted and is available in different shades. I’d wear this and go out like I have a lip tint on and of course, moisturized lips! As a matter of fact, I love it so much I've already finished the balm even before posting this review.

Q10 Extra Guard Medicated Hand Cream
During the peak of Winter, may hands, especially my palm were so dry that some parts of it were peeling off. I think my palms were so sensitive back then that I easily got paper cut.

This Q10 hand cream helped in restoring my skin and lock in moisture. It’s not sticky, sets in your skin quick, and result can be seen quickly too!

Heroine Make ‘Volume and Curl’ Mascara and Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (Dark Brown). These items deserve a separate review, but to make this short and sweet: I LOVE THESE TWO! These have been my go to eye makeup these past few months. (Did you know that the mascara is a cult favorite?). The eyeliner’s dark brown color payoff is super nice but not strikingly bold. I love how it is just right for everyday makeup look.

And that’s it! I hope you like this capsule review. Thank you for reading!


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