Catching Cherry Blossoms - Spring 2018

by - Monday, April 23, 2018

so dreamy!
April’s ending soon. We’re now left with roughly just one month before Spring ends. Actually, everyday already feels like Summer. I bet May will be warmer even. Not digging the feeling of while other seasons feel like eternity, Spring seems to just pass by so quick.

If you’ve seen my Osaka trip (click here if you haven’t yet) you know that I failed in catching the cherry blossoms in a castle grounds again. Fret not my friend because I was able to catch it on its finest state in a park a week before my Kansai trip.

"Cherry Blossom is a reminder that while life is beautiful, it is also regrettably short."

So beautiful I can stare at these everyday!

Everything looks and feels surreal.

From the chilly days during Winter, the temperature rose almost immediately in March. Due to the quick change in temperature the cherry blossoms bloomed as early as the last week of March.

I kind of felt bad for tourists who booked April for their Sakura Viewing (Hanami) because I felt the same regret when I booked the first week of April and arrived in Osaka sans this breathtaking view. Needless to say, just another reason to book another trip for next year's Sakura season, right?

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