Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku

by - Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I had two things in mind I knew I must tick off my bucket list once I arrived in Tokyo:
one is to visit Disneyland, two is to experience Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku. I usually do not have high expectations food-wise, when it comes to themed and concept restaurants.

But Kawaii Monster Cafe proved to be the highlight of my Harajuku trip! The price point maybe a little too spendy compared to regular restaurants in town but their offerings are not only Instagram-worthy but surprisingly tummy-worthy too! Definitely not a tourist trap I expected for a concept restaurant.

As soon as you step inside, you will instantly see a Merry-Go-Round of melting sweets and unicorns where Ariana Grande posed for her VOGUE Japan shoot. You will be welcomed by flashing lights everywhere, loud inviting music, and the restaurant staffs called Monster Girls in their iconic colorful Harajuku costumes.

There's a ¥500/person entrance fee. In the reception, we were asked to choose between Mushroom Disco and Milk Stand because the other two zones were closed. What to choose?

As what Kawaii Monster Cafe would call it, there are four unique areas in the cafe called Mushroom Disco, Milk Stand, Bar Experiment, and Mel-Tea Room.

I heard there's also a secret area exclusive for VIP members!
Anyone can take photos and wander around each area. I think the only reason why they'd close a certain zone is if it's reserved. Some customers come in huge groups for birthday celebrations and parties. If I live anywhere near Harajuku, I'll probably celebrate my birthday here too!

Milk Stand - In this zone, huge rabbit, sheep, and unicorn heads and huge milk bottles are hanging from the ceiling. "Crazy baby room where animals drink milk". I honestly think this area is the strangest too.

Mel-tea Room was not open for customers during our visit but hey I'm not complaining as we were all free to wander around and take photos. Right beside the Mel-Tea Room is the Bar Experiment area, it's a bar counter covered with glowing jellyfish tentacles "and is the experiment room for lurking adults in the deep sea."

I have a silly theory that Mel-tea room is reserved for customers dropping by after-lunch time for snacks, more like 'milk tea time', while the Bar experiment might be for evening diners for cocktail drinks. We arrived during lunch time and that left us with the last area called Mushroom Disco!

Mushroom Disco  is a big forest covered with colorful poisonous mushrooms and prickly plants. "There's also a secret room for gossip ladies further inside".

I guess this is the secret area for gossip ladies

The view from where we were seated. Just got very lucky to be seated in the centermost part of the Mushroom Disco, we were facing the Merry-Go-Round exactly like this.

Whoever designed the Kawaii Monster Cafe food and drinks definitely deserves an award! Such creativity! I'm easily sold!

Efforts on drink coasters are highly appreciated!

As for our food, we got (non-alcoholic) 'Non-druggy Cocktail Experiment' ¥720 (345 php) to challenge our inner chemist! Hahaha!

Colorful Rainbow Pasta ¥1,300 (624 php) surprisingly tasted so, so good! Colorful Poison Cake slice ¥850 (408 php) didn't disappoint either. Not too sweet but not too bland.

Colorful Poison Cupcake ¥750 (360 php) was also pretty flavorful!

Last but not the least, everyone, is the restroom! Color coded cubicles? Look at those colorful balls! Everything screams Harajuku-ness!

YM square building 4F, 4-31-10,Jingumae,Shibuya,Tokyo
(near Laforet Harajuku and H&M Harajuku store)

Kawaii Monster Cafe is managed by Diamond Dining Group which also manages Alice in Dancing Land Restaurant in Shibuya.

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