Osaka Part 2 - (Gudetama Cafe, Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, and Dotonbori)

by - Saturday, April 21, 2018

Picking up where we left off, after Osaka Castle Park our next stop was HEP FIVE Mall in Umeda for our lunch. As you may already know, I have this curious obsession with themed and concept restaurants in Japan and so GUDETAMA CAFE automatically made it to my to-go list in Osaka. This also served as an early birthday treat for my mom!

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Also, found this cute small pastry shop near HEP FIVE

HEP FIVE Mall in Umeda

GUDETAMA CAFE is located at the 7th floor of the mall, you will pass by the Ferris Wheel's entrance gate and pass through this fascinating red bridge to get to the 'restaurants and cafe' section.

And unlike most themed restaurants in Japan (that only last for a couple of months), the Gudetama Cafe is a permanent one in Osaka so there's no worrying about long queues and early reservations to get a sure seat.

We got Gude Locomoco ¥1,100 (tax excluded) which is totally perfect for our hungry tummies. It has veggie salad, potato fries, hamburger, and rice with a Gudetama egg on top! (look at that!)

We also got these blinking bulbs full of ramune (blue lemonade) and strawberry drinks (more videos in Gudetama Cafe on my highlighted Instagram stories).

I love ramune-flavored ice cream so I quickly ordered the Blue Hawaii (ramune) drink while mom got the strawberry one. Surprisingly, I ended up liking the strawberry drink better than the ramune because it tasted like it was overloaded with sugar (and I'm currently cutting my sugar intake). Also, I think these drinks are only a limited time offering as they are not listed on the main menu.

Overall, dining at Gudetama Café was a nice experience. Never in my wildest imagination would I see my mom enjoying dining at a themed café taking photos. Taste-wise, there's nothing extraordinary about the food but it's honestly not bad either. I believe themed cafes are meant for novelty experience and not for the quality of food.

HEP FIVE 7th Floor
5-15 Kakudacho, Kita, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 530-0017
5 mins from Umeda Midosuji Subway and Umeda Hanshin Main Line
3 mins from Hankyu Line Umeda Station

If there’s one place I always try to squeeze in my to-go list it’s gonna be a museum! Museums are educational, kills time without you noticing, plus have I mentioned it’s educational (again). Think of having fun plus learning both at the same time. Note: This is just the first one of the two museums I visited for this Kansai Trip.

OSAKA MUSEUM OF HOUSING AND LIVING is just exactly above the Tanimachi Subway (Tenjinbashisuji Roku-Chome Station to be exact, okay I know that was looooong!) It’s an interactive museum where visitors can learn, see, and experience how was life in Osaka during the Edo Period. Here you can get inside old Japanese houses, sit in tatami, “wear kimono”, and see the re-created Japanese town in the morning, afternoon, and evening (as the lighting changes in every few minutes).

PS: Everything reminded me of Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin *cries in happiness*, except Kenshin lived during the Meiji period.

The 8th floor is filled of scale models and pictures of what is Osaka during the Meiji (moving of the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo period), Taisho and Showa periods (postwar period). The exhibition in this floor shows the type of architecture in Osaka during those times and the people of Osaka's lifestyle.

The details. The patience. The creativity.

5 minutes walk from Tenjinbashi-6-chome Station in Tanimachi Line.
(tip: 6 is pronounce as 'roku' in Japanese)

Dotonbori Canal dotted with stores and restaurants

The last stop for that day was the gaudy Glico Man billboard at Dotonbori, the entertainment and food hub of Osaka. Your Osaka trip won't be (considered) complete without a photo stop at this much loved landmark of Osaka. It is well-loved that it's actually difficult to snap a photo clear of photo bombers.

Red and blue backgrounds of Glico Running Man

If Dotonbori is all about extravagant bright signages and 'takoyaki', then SHINSAIBASHI is all about shopping! Here you can find ZARA, Uniqlo, H&M, Gucci, Pandora, Forever 21, LUSH cosmetics, The Body Shop, ABC Mart, Disney Store. They also got WEGO, LOWRYS FARM, Pablo, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, GU, Randa, and Cecil Mcbee for Japanese brands. It's a crazy straight path chock-full of stores!

See: SHINSAIBASHISUJI Shopping Center Map

Shinsaibashi won a special place in my heart because this is where I stayed when I first came in Osaka last year (plus I love me some shoooooopping!). In this area, mom shopped for herself and some souvenirs from Don Quijote Dotonbori and 390 Mart Shinsaibashi. We had our dinner at SHAKEYS (don't judge we don't have this in our place plus it's been a while haha) for a ¥1,050 eat-all-you-can pizza and spaghetti! I AM WINNING IN LAYF.


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