Universal Studios Japan (Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Attack on Titan) - May 2017

by - Monday, April 30, 2018

This one is another long overdue travel post and since we’re talking about Kansai lately, I thought it just fits the timeline. And now that it’s almost Golden Week (first week of May is a week-long national holiday in Japan), chances are there will be a huge wave of travelers going to and around Osaka.

And if you’re going to Osaka, spending one full day in Universal Studios (USJ) is totally a must. The park is huge and is constantly reinventing itself, you’ll keep coming back to check on new additions.

We went on a Tuesday afternoon May last year in Universal Studios Japan. Worried about the usual long queues, I bought our tickets through LAWSON Japan’s Loppi Payment Machine (Japanese skill is required if you’re taking this option) but you can also buy your tickets online through KLOOK and your local travel agency.

After leaving our things in coin lockers we headed quickly to the newly opened MINION PARK before finally going to:

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I got to be honest, I am not a true-blue Harry Potter fan but that didn't make this area any less interesting and magical for me.

Also known as Harry Potter Theme Park, I used to wonder what took USJ roughly 3 years to build this area. Most especially since we all know how Japanese construction companies work, they work fast, really fast. (Best example is how they fixed a huge hole on a busy road in Fukuoka in less than a week.)

Hogsmeade Village is located far away from the main walk ways of Universal Studios. It can only be accessed by a narrow trail leading into a forest where you will chance upon this Flying Car before getting to the entrance arch.

While passing through the sea of trees I finally learned the answer to my question: Hogsmeade has this real-life vibe and look. Using real materials, rather than plastics and faux trees give Wizarding World of Harry Potter a genuine feeling of a real world rather than just an attraction. And the meticulous attention to detail? Hands down remarkable!
After the sea of trees? It's the sea of people.

Just a friendly warning, everything is ridiculously expensive.
I was able to try Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans from Honeydukes (thanks to my friends who bought them) and they seem to be a repackaged box of Beanboozled.

Cheers! Have you tried their butterbeer? Do you like it?

At first, I felt relieved when we arrive at USJ entrance gate with less to almost zero queue. Little did I know that all the long queues were waiting for me at the rides! Waiting time is usually 1 hour or even more. Many said it was worth it but I was with my mom so it was a pass for us plus mom was very persistent to check on Hello Kitty area haha!

Universal Wonderland

Universal Studios Japan was still celebrating Easter when we got there so easter eggs and bunnies decorations were widespread most especially in Wonderland area.

I heard USJ is the best during the Halloween!

Universal Wonderland is the home of Snoopy, Hello Kitty, and the Sesame Street! Like mom, I'm not really an 'extreme rides' person so the like of Universal Wonderland and anything kiddy-like is right up my alley.

And everything's so PINK, I don't have the power to say no.

ATTACK ON TITAN (Universal Cool Japan 2017)

Speaking of new additions, Universal Studios Japan have these limited time offering from Japan's best entertainment brands and characters called UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN. Each time they feature four different famous characters from anime, movies, or even games. This year they are featuring Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, Detective Conan, and Monster Hunter.

Last year they featured Attack on Titan, Godzilla, Evangelion, and also Detective Conan.
It was a 45-minute waiting time but mom was totally in so we lined up and watched Godzilla in 4D! Best decision ever! It was indeed an intense battle for survival, it felt like I was really the pilot of the plane and that I must put Godzilla down. Imagine Godzilla right exactly in the heart of Osaka destroying everything!

Universal Cool Japan's 4D special effects ain't playing guys! If Attack on Titan was showing during those hours I'd totally line up again! (no photos during the show)

Speaking of Attack on Titan...

Levi is so cuuuuuute!

Everything is so expensive! :(

Especially THIS! 3d Maneuver Gear for ¥107,700 = that's 51,000 php (as of April 2018)

All those time I really thought this is going to be a permanent attraction, now I'm so thankful that we availed the photo op with the Armored Titan (taken by a professional + printed photo and a cover - fee included). They also allowed us to have a photo using our phone cameras, yay!

That's a wrap for my Universal Studios Japan adventure, more details about UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN 2018 here: http://www.usj.co.jp/e/universal-cool-japan2018/Deshibelle

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