Christmasland New Taipei City and Modern Toilet Restaurant

by - Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I love Christmas! I love Christmas songs, I love Christmas lights and decors, the joy in everyone’s spirits. I actually love Christmas more than my own birthday that sometimes I wish I was born in December.
Christmasland New Taipei City
I knew that I wouldn’t be able to spend the holidays in Manila again so when I learned that New Taipei City’s Christmasland would start in November just in time for my vacation leave, I didn’t think twice and quick I booked our flight to Taiwan! Best decision ever.

Christmasland New Taipei City
New Taipei City Hall Christmas Projection ❄️

Christmasland New Taipei City
Christmasland New Taipei City

Christmasland (just a few minutes away from Banquiao Station Blue Line) is a major illumination event in Taiwan. The theme for 2018’s Christmas land was the “Space and Planets”. Christmasland starts mid-November and lasts until January. Places around Banquiao station and New Taipei City Hall are filled with thousands of LED lights and Christmas displays. Activity booths, games, and live performances are also present in front of the city hall. It was indeed the magical time of the year!

Christmasland New Taipei City
Christmasland New Taipei City
Christmasland New Taipei City
- The tunnels of lights clearly are my favorites  -
-------- ♡ --------
After Christmasland in New Taipei City we dropped by Ximen station for the Modern Toilet Restaurant for dinner. If I would recommend a place to stay in Taipei it would be anywhere near a busy train station unless you want to stay in a much more quiet neighborhood.

Establishments and offerings around Blue and Red MRT lines are right up my alley so I stayed near Taipei Main Station which covers both the blue and red line. There are many restaurants and convenience stores. Fortunately, our accommodation was walking distance from Ximen station too.

The Modern Toilet Restaurant
We arrived just a couple of minutes before closing time!!!! Intense! Honestly, it’s pretty tricky to get here even with the help of google maps so if you could ask someone for directions, the better. We almost backed out. But we were really starving and we were already there so I courageously just went in and hoped for the best, luckily we were accommodated! Hahaha!

Looking on the bright side, arriving just before closing time means we have the place just for us. Most seats were empty like as if the universe reserved it for us. I was able to roam freely and take photos of the restaurant, the toilet included! 

We sat and watched as more customers come right in after us. Could this be that these latecomers got lost on the way to the restaurant too?

And here's the toilet bowl lid-shaped menu. Since we already stuffed ourselves with noodles soup prior to this, we went for the finger food, the snacks or as how Modern Toilet Restaurant would call it, the "Crappy items" on the menu!

Price as of February 2019

Fun Platter (which consists of Crispy French Fries, Onion Rings, and Spicy Chicken Popcorn which by the way is super yummy!) NTS 280
Diarrhea Cocoa NTS 150
Mozzarella Sticks NTS 160
Toilet No. 1 Ice-Shaving (Chocolate Flavor) NTS 120
Warning, the Toilet No. 1 Ice-Shaving is way too massive for two persons. Underneath that huge pile of shaved ice are hidden gems like chocolate biscuits, crispy wafers, and whatnots. Toilet No. 1 was shockingly hideous and I love it! I felt really bad that we were not able to finish all of it. It was really good but it was so much for us.

Should you visit?

Definitely, yes! When it comes to concept restaurants, I honestly don't expect too much when it comes to food but the Modern Toilet Restaurant did not disappoint. I'm giving it 7/10.

It's not as cheap as our usual meals during our stay in Taipei but our bill was only a little over NTS 700 for two people (¥2,550 / PHP 1,203) which is not bad if we're talking about concept and themed restaurants. For comparison, I paid around ¥2,100 for one person in Gudetama Café in Japan.

Thank you for reading! ^^ Do you love concept restaurants, too? I would love to know your recommendations!

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