Peripera Ink Drop BB Review

by - Thursday, March 21, 2019

Just when I thought I’m done with K-cosmetics I found my Peripera Ink Drop BB sitting on my stash! I love how it makes my face look bouncy and radiant during the cold season. I used it throughout winter. It’s almost spring, about time for some quick review, yes?
Peripera Ink Drop BB Review
Peripera Ink Drop BB has this thin water-like consistency. Its liquidy consistency means it’s easy to layer and to build up coverage. Applying and blending come in very effortless too. One thing you have to be mindful though is the packaging. While I truly love Peripera Ink BB’s packaging for its cute, unique shape and portability, I find that it’s quite tricky to dispense just the right amount of product. (Do not squeeze it)
Peripera Ink Drop BB Review
Peripera Ink Drop BB Review
It comes in only two shades #1 Pure Ivory and the one I’m currently using is the #2 Bright Beige. Unlike BB creams, the shade didn’t adjust from lightest to darkest. And its applied shade is still very close to its original shade. My workaround here is mixing Peripera Ink Drop BB with a much darker foundation. I usually mix it with long-wearing foundations such as MAC Studio Fix and Revlon Colorstay especially if I’d be out for a long day.
Peripera Ink Drop BB Review
Peripera Ink Drop BB feels down right light-weight on skin and has a light coverage. I love how it perfectly covers my huge pores and makes skin look soft and flawless, however, even with builded coverage I notice that pesky acne and blemishes could still peek through it.
Peripera Ink Drop BB Review
The Semi-matte finish makes my skin looks bouncy but not too dewy. And although it claims to last all day long, I wouldn’t say it’s long lasting but it is decent enough to wear on a regular basis. My face usually becomes oily come mid-day and makeup on my nose area would usually budge by this time. Good thing it’s not the icky type of oiliness but I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this on summer days.
Peripera Ink Drop BB Review
Peripera Ink Drop BB Review
Peripera Ink Drop BB Review

What I like about Peripera Ink Drop BB?
* Light-weight and particularly blendable
* Works like a charm in hiding pores
* Makes skin look flawless and soft to touch
* Cute, easy-to-carry container

What I don’t like about it?
* Shade isn’t suitable to medium to dark skin tones
* Light coverage
* Not budge-proof and long-wearing enough to use on summer time and humid places

Overall, anyone who loves their base light and easy will definitely enjoy Peripera Ink Drop BB. I love that it doesn’t feel tacky on skin and how it makes my pores disappear. On the downside, this is also not the best BB foundation if you’re looking for heavy coverage as it will definitely not hide those pesky acne and blemishes.


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