BCL Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash Review

by - Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Since the influx of BHA and AHA skincare actives in the beauty community, I found myself instantly searching for the best possible BHA/AHA product I could try here in Japan. I don’t have easy access to CosRx and The Ordinary here in my place yet so it’s off the table for now.

Luckily, I found Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash! It has become a regular of Japan’s Cosme Ranking so it must be good, right?
BCL Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash Review
Cleansing Research or sometimes known as BCL as a brand, prides on producing AHA-based skincare in Japan. I got the non-scrub type (same green packaging except the cap is not green but frosted white).
BCL Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash Review
BCL Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash Review
It promises to be a mild, moisturizing cleanser that removes deep seated dirt, gets rids of old skin and excess sebum for a brighter and even softer skin. Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash has Malic acid (from Apples), Papain and Kiwi extract as its active ingredients. It smells like apples, too!
BCL Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash Review
I love how squeaky clean my skin feels each time I used this. I also noticed a difference in the appearance of my pores and I would have less blackheads and my pores would appear smaller and tighter from then on. My skin looks different and somewhat “renewed” each time I used Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash.

I really, really loved it...except it’s not mild and moisturizing. I find that it’s too abrasive for my skin. I would get little zits every week non-stop! One would come after one disappeared. Didn’t matter what I ate, how much sleep I've had. Take note that I only use this once at night and I don’t use it every night, even.
BCL Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash Review
I noticed that zits would come out from different areas of my face. I could easily tell it’s hormonal if it was just my chin or jaw, my shampoo could be the culprit if it was always in the forehead, or dirty pillow cases if it was the cheeks but it was all random. So I switched to a different facial wash and the pimples stop since then.
BCL Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash Review
What I Like About Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash?
* Really does it job in cleaning the pores
* Tightens the pores
* Makes the pores less visible
* Get rids of old dead skin layers without the peels and flaking
* Makes my skin feel really clean and renewed

What I Don’t Like About it?
* Harsh and not for everyday use. If you have sensitive skin I’d advise to use even the non-scrub type only once a week.

I got to be honest, I really love this product and it would break my heart to just throw Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash away. I love how Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash thoroughly clears my pores from deep seated dirt and product buildup. It feels refreshing to the skin!

I’m working on making my face more hydrated and moisturized. I plan to use Cleansing Research AHA Facial Wash from then on at least once a week or even less to check any difference. Have you tried AHA-based products in the past? How did it work for you and what’s your skin type? I’d love to know!

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